I'm and artist and a writer, who also does hair...

   If I already do your hair, you've heard the story.  Cosmetology is  a second career for me, after a tumultuous and exhilarating decade working in the art world. Visual art, music, performance, and curating shows were all subject to my wrath. The trope of starving artist applied to me in every capacity...and I loved every minute of it. However, there comes a time in every boys life where you have proverbially grow up. I say proverbially because I have yet to actually grow up. 

   With this new sense of urgent responsibility I started my new life in the fashion industry at the enthusiastic insistence of my husband, Adam. Kicking and screaming I started cosmetology school at The Academy NYC, a Paul Mitchell Partner School.  It was here where I saw the true nature of cosmetologists.  Gone were the stereotypical vapid shop girls, with their chewing gum, enormous hair, and malicious gossip.  In school I found a group as diverse as those in the art world...except here the intention was straightforward and loving. This was a career I could get behind, and feel good about.  

   You see, the true ethos of a good hair stylist should always come from a place of love.  Making people feel good about themselves is the most rewarding thing a person can do...and something that makes my work a passion worth investing in.  

   Since 2011 I've been working full time at Bangz Salon And Wellness Spa in beautiful Montclair, New Jersey.  In addition to working behind the chair I also participate in many high profile photo shoots, music videos, fashion shows, and charity events.  

   To take full advantage of this journey in hairstyling...and general randomness...follow along with me via various my various social media. Heck, the links are just below!