A Boring Week In The Life Of A Hipster Hairdresser

   I don't really know what I'm doing here.  I'm not really sure what this blog is supposed to be, honestly.  Just as my other (much more popular...but extremely esoteric) blog has evolved over the last five years, I assume the same will happen here.  And while I want to focus solely on hair, I am particularly bad at documenting my work.  So, here we are.  I went through my phone to see what I dubbed worth documenting in the past week. 

   Even though its been unseasonably warm in the north east, I've still been getting really cozy at home.  My Christmas decorations really lend a warm fuzzy feeling in all my random photos. And, YES, I do take pictures of my beers to document them on Untappd. 

   Its the end of the year, and in lieu of letting my insurance go to waste I got a  new pair of sunglasses.  These are the same wayfarers that I get every other year...but matte.  I'm pretty obsessed with them, especially because I'm cruising to Mexico next month.  Yippie for glasses. 

   Neglecting both of our busy schedules, I actually got to hang out with my twin Rylee. We were both assistants together at the salon I work at, prior to her leaving a few years ago.  I basically want to be her when I grow up. 

   Finally, here is some hair painting I did this week.  Alyssa has always had traditional foiling before, but was looking for something a little more natural, with less maintenance.  I know some stylist might frown upon the idea of their clients coming in less often, but I really want whats best for my clients, even if it means making a little less money overall.  And truth be told, you can still touch up hair painting as often as traditional foils.  Anyway, I think it really fits her. 

  I told you, my life is pretty boring.  But if you feel the need to follow along anyway, go ahead! 

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