Let's All Go Blonde, Shall We?

   Just wanted to share quickly a fun project from this past Tuesday...in which our goal was to go AS BLONDE AS POSSIBLE in one day.  Often times clients have unrealistic expectations when it comes to going lighter in one shot, but Esin wasn't one of those clients.  She knew that (theoretically) that it might take a few sessions. However, this was the perfect scenario and we were able to lift to the blonde fantasy of our dreams. 

   Esin had a solid level five natural hair color, with no previous color on it. Working with virgin hair is obviously a huge bonus, but at a level five there is tons of red in the hair and I wasn't convinced we could break through it in one three hour session. 

   We started by decolorizing her hair starting an inch from her scalp.  I knew we were going to be painting a dark root on later, so the application here could be on the messier side, honestly.  I took eight sections and wrapped each section in cellophane.  This was my first time using cellophane as opposed to foil and I loved how well it holds heat. Major win. 

   Luckily Esin's hair lifted both fast and pretty even...but stalled at a level eight and a half.  At the sink I toned the whole thing with Illumina 8/69, which made it the most buttery dark blonde.  After blow drying her hair we painted a dark root...feathering it down to give the appearance of overall hair painting...with Illumina 5/81 and 4/.  Focusing on the crown, sides, and mohawk sections I then balayaged with Wella Freelights.  Since Esin's hair was still in great condition I let this process until the balayage was a nice level ten, and toned these using Wella Color Touch 10/6 and 9/16.  

   I couldn't be happier with the result.  Sure, she was at my salon for like five hours, but it was totally worth it. 

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