Hey, Sometimes I Use Fantasy Color...

    I spend the majority of my time behind the chair making people blonde.  Seriously, a good 70% of my clients are always trying to go "just a little bit lighter..." However, I do get to dabble in the dark arts sometimes, and play with fantasy colors.  This week I happened to get two really fun clients who wanted something more suited to them. 

   Kat's color was a loooooong fun project.  You will notice in the before picture that her roots are very light, which means her entire mid-shaft was dyed dark brown. Yikes. After decolorizing everything, her final color was a combo of Pravana green, blue, yellow, and teal. 

   Renee's color was much easier, because she was already pre-lightened, and just needed a fun new tone.  I'm not a huge fan of bright bubble gum pink, so we opted for something a little "dustier" and more on the rose gold spectrum. This is mostly Pravana pink and yellow, with a little magenta and wild orchid.  This color totally suits her.