Some Stuff I Did This Week...

   As we're getting into the very busy holiday season at the salon I've decided to document some fun random projects that I work on.  This is a purely pygmalion practice, by which I mean I'd love to actually SEE SOMETHING at the other end of this deluge of work time hours.  Where I would normally be happy with the smile on a clients face as they leave the salon, there is something gratifying about looking back via photographic evidence. 

   I was the sole braider at a pop up "braid bar" during the Montclair Fashion Night Out after party.  Others were supposed to participate as well, but when it came down to it I was flying solo...which is actually a best case scenario for me.  I styled close to twenty young ladies...and was proud of myself for not repeating the same style twice.  As you can probably guess the after party was very dim so no pictures were to be taken. However, here is a fun braid I did on fellow Bangz stylist Danielle while we were bored between clients...


   It was a fun week for color too.  With the change of season come big changes for clients as well...and its funny because it always tends to be the same girls.  Becky, for example changes her hair color seasonally.  Where we had been going progressively lighter with her color all year through balayage, this visit she wanted to go dark again.  

   Because I know Becky changes her color often I actually keep her single process a consistent 6/75 in Koleston Perfect...and just change the tone either through balayage when going lighter, or glazing when going deeper. This time equal parts 6/74 and 6/73 in Color Touch.  Because her single process never changes it ensures a very even and pretty fading process. 

   Not everyone is going darker, despite the change of seasons.  Thank god, because if it were up to me everyone would be as blonde as possible.  I had a really fun, difficult, and awesome challenge converting a client from brassy level 6 to a pale level 9 blonde. 

   At the risk of missing some of the brassy pieces I knew I couldn't hand paint this project, and ended up foiling her entire head, while avoiding her one inch of regrowth.  I used Wella Freelights with 40 volume developer to lift.  Afterwards I dried her hair and painted her root down giving it a painted effect as opposed to a grown out double process look.  I used Illumina 5/81 and 4/ as her root color.  Knowing how strong the cool tones in the root color were I simply soap capped the color into the blonde ends for a few minutes...and it picked up very pretty. 

   There are just a few projects I had this week. Thanks for reading, and make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook