Make Something Pretty...

You guys. I'm not really good at writing my feelings down (on social media especially...where I come off as jumbled and dumb and super frustrated.) Well guess what? This past week my brain has been SUPER JUMBLED AND DUMB AND FRUSTRATED. And while I've reblogged endlessly (all stuff that you've seen before) I haven't been able to accurately portray my actual feelings. Well, it turns out that I wrote and recorded a demo in 2012 (ironic) that sums up all of my feelings the past week. Please feel free to download the song if you need something to make you feel better...and if you want to feel EVEN BETTER leave a "tip" on the page. 100% of the money I raise from this song is going to help fund the ACLU which we need more than ever right now. I said it before: I love you all, now go make something pretty.

Click here to find the song. Be nice, its only a demo.