One thing that remains constant in the beauty and fashion world is change. Yes, the old oxymoron holds true, and often leads women to a weird place when it comes to their hair.  Why should I make a big change, when it will be out of style before I even walk out of the salon?  

   Let me explain.  All trends, especially in the hair world, are cycilcal...coming and going without warning.  The problem here is knowing how long trends will stay around.  The easiest way to gauge a styles brevity is to look at how ridiculous and unwearable it it.  A great example is a the current trend of "gunmetal hair."  This is a trend that incorporates all sorts of dark fashion colors, giving the hair a metallic sheen.  It looks great when the client leaves the salon, but fades very fast, and upkeep is a nightmare.  The look is very cool...but if I had to guess, I'd say the lifespan of this trend is very short. 

   On the flip side of that is balayage/hair painting.  The reason this trend has had such long legs is the fact that there is virtually no upkeep.  What once started out of necessity (for families to save money during the economic downturn last decade...) has morphed into one of the most popular salon services.  And guess what? This one isn't going away.  Balayage is endlessly customizable and can be as subtle or bright as a client wants. (sometimes over the course of a few visits, obviously)  The most beautiful thing? Those dark roots that used to be a fashion faux pas are not only acceptable, but an integral part of this look.  Unlike micro trends (like gunmetal hair...) which require tons of maintenance, balayage does not.  Hence, will be around for quite some time. 

   So that is, in a nutshell, how to gauge how long a trend will last.  Next time you're considering whether or not to change your style, for fear of it going off trend, take into consideration both upkeep and how "out there" it is.  The best way to do this is to set up a consultation with a hair stylist who stays on top of current hair trends.  They will be able to guide you toward a style that suits you, whether is super trendy or tried and true.